Every day at the Moody Foundation, we’re privileged to hear how our grantees are transforming their communities and furthering their missions. We want to share their stories with you.

For more than 75 years, the Moody Foundation has funded charitable projects and programs which provide long-term benefits to their communities. While we occasionally respond to extraordinary community needs, like recovery from natural disasters, we focus on several areas, including the arts, education, environment, health and social services. The common thread between these diverse areas is a commitment to transformative grants.

What do we mean by “transformative grants?” Often, nonprofits simply need one infusion of funds to take their work to the next level.  The Moody Foundation serves as an accelerator, supporting our grantee’s projects and programs as they build new facilities, sponsor staff trainings, produce a pilot program or find another way to get onto a new road.

In addition to grants to nonprofits, the Moody Foundation organizes several Foundation-initiated projects with their own staff and priorities. These include Generation Moody, the Moody Scholars program, Moody Gardens and the Moody Transitional Learning Center. We’ll use this blog to share their stories, too.

To all our grantees, we at the Moody Foundation want to say “thank you” for welcoming us into your journey.

We invite you to check back often and read about the multitude of ways we are transforming Texas together.