A Note from our Chairman

A Note from our Chairman & Executive Director

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

These are extraordinary times. As COVID-19 impacts every facet of our lives and as we advance philanthropic calls for diversity and social justice, the Moody Foundation remains dedicated to its mission to meet the needs of Texans.

The Foundation is responding to COVID-19 with supplies for our frontline heroes and first responders, with help for the homeless and food for families, and with relief funds for our grant partners so they are able to support the most pressing needs of the communities they serve. We know the world, as we have known it, has changed. We are mindful that fundamental social changes and the pandemic’s cost in human health and lives go well beyond our economy. Thus, we have shifted our focus and adjusted our way of making grants, and we will continue to do more.

Though the Moody Foundation’s recent past seems like ancient history, I want to share what we’ve been doing the last two years and why it’s important – even now. In addition to continuing our commitment to making diverse grants for education, health, child welfare, and social services in minority and economically underserved areas across the state, Ross, Elizabeth and I have committed to several larger-scale projects. Our goals have been to expand our educational horizons, to unite ourselves through entertainment and community events, and to connect within ourselves and across time through great works of art. Our hope is to improve the life of every Texan.

In 2019, the Foundation awarded $100 million to Southern Methodist University to fund the Moody School of Graduate and Advanced Studies. Its purpose is to create an intellectual center for the brightest minds in Texas and around the world. Its goals are to generate interdisciplinary and innovative ideas, to foster data-driven, leading-edge research, and to harness technology to address the smallest of local needs and the largest of global issues. We are excited to see what the synergy of the highest-caliber students and faculty coupled with exceptional resources will produce in our community, across Texas, throughout the region and around the world.

The Foundation recently made several significant investments in Austin, including $130 million to the University of Texas for the Moody Center, the school’s new basketball arena and events center for athletics, entertainment and community events. We also granted $20 million to the Blanton Museum of Art to revitalize outdoor space, creating a pedestrian-oriented “Texas Mall” connecting the UT campus to the Texas Capitol grounds.

All of our grants, from large to small, express our sense that coming together as a community honors the diversity, enables the unity and uplifts the hopeful spirit that is Texas. Though “coming together” means something different now, we all have faith that we will truly come together once again.

The Moody Foundation’s Galvestonian founders weathered many storms. It was those very storms that forged their dream of a better Texas. They created the Moody Foundation to strengthen the future of Texas. We will continue to honor our founders’ vision to build a brighter tomorrow by addressing the unprecedented challenges we face today. Texas is our home, it always has been and it always will.

I wish you, your family, your community, our state and this nation well and Godspeed.


Frances Moody-Dahlberg

“I don’t know if my great-grandparents could have possibly imagined the enormous good their generosity would accomplish, but I do know for certain that today the Moody Foundation continues to be led by their philanthropic vision and guided by their founding mission, to be of benefit to present and future Texans.”

—Frances Moody-Dahlberg