Foundation Initiated Projects

Enduring projects to support our communities.

Generation Moody Education Initiative

Generation Moody Education Initiative, a signature project benefiting Galveston Island by providing a catalyst for exceptional education opportunities for infants through high school and into post-secondary learning, incorporates organizations from across the education community in Galveston. The initiative focuses on a few key areas: literacy, science, technology and math, as well as professional development for educators.

Its most recent grants focus on professional development for social emotional learning and connecting high school students with higher education by funding some dual credit course expenses with Galveston College. Since its launch in 2018, Generation Moody has distributed grants totaling more than $55 million, creating more opportunities for Galveston youth, from cradle to career.

Moody Scholars Program

Graduating seniors from eligible Galveston County High Schools and selected schools in Dallas and Austin may apply for the Moody Scholarships to aid in their undergraduate education. Since its inception in 1969, The Moody Scholarship Program has awarded over $24 million in scholarship funding to assist more than 6,280 students attending college in Texas.



Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens was conceived in the 1980s to augment Galveston’s tourism sector with facilities that would attract visitors year-round, extending the economic impacts of local tourism beyond the summer months. The attractions now generate annual revenues in excess of $36 million, and indirect revenues to Galveston businesses totaling several times that amount. The complex now includes a one-acre rainforest environment, the Discovery Pyramid of science exhibitions, a 3-D IMAX theater, and one of the country’s largest aquariums. The Moody Gardens Hotel and Convention Center, built by the Moody Foundation and owned by the City of Galveston, bring many visitors to the island. Moody Gardens’ environmental education programs are used by teachers at all grade levels.


Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute

Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute (Moody Neuro), formerly known as the Transitional Learning Center, was established to offer comprehensive rehabilitation services to survivors of traumatic brain injury, and outstanding research opportunities for scientists working in the fields of neurology, physical therapy, internal medicine, and other disciplines involved in the recovery from brain injury.