Grant FAQ

Chances are you’re not the first to ask.

When may an organization apply for funding?

The Moody Foundation welcomes inquiries throughout the year. The exact timetable for an application’s progress is dependent on several factors, and will be determined upon receipt of all application materials. Applications are presented to the Foundation’s trustees for consideration at one of four meetings held each year. Organizations are advised to limit their applications to one per year.

Does the Foundation make multi-year grants?

On rare occasions, the Foundation may award two or three years’ support for a project, or make multi-year payments on awards. Generally, however, grants are awarded for one year at a time.

Can the Foundation aid individuals?

The Moody Foundation’s policy is not to make grants to individuals, except through a scholarship program available to Galveston, Dallas, and Travis County high school seniors. Please visit our Scholarship Application & Eligibility page for more information.

What are other possible sources of funding I might approach?

The Funding Information Center research libraries, located in cities around the state, and the Foundation Center’s Foundation Directory, which can be accessed at most public libraries or purchased from the Center, provide a wealth of information to grantseekers. Information is also available on line.

How large are the Foundation’s assets?

All foundations experience periodic fluctuation in their asset size, and The Moody Foundation is no exception. However, at the close of 2014, the Foundation’s assets, as determined for the Internal Revenue Service, had a market value of approximately $1.5 billion.