General Application Process

NEW Education M-Pact Fund

The Moody Foundation’s new Education M-Pact Fund is an annual grantmaking process and a key component of the Foundation’s historic commitment of $1 billion for Texas education over a 20 year period
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Our General Grants Focus on Collaborating with Innovators and Game-Changers

We accept inquiry letters on an ongoing basis, and our trustees meet four times a year to consider grant awards. Because of this, the grant application process from inquiry to funding decision may take up to six months; please consider this time frame in determining what projects you propose for Moody Foundation funding.

You may submit up to three projects for consideration. Each project should be outlined on the form below with a brief description, estimated total budget, and amount of Moody Foundation funding sought. Generally, no more than one project per applicant will be selected for further review; please list projects in order of highest priority first. If a project is to receive further consideration, you will be sent a grant application guideline. You will be notified in writing if none of the proposed projects fit into the present funding interests of the Foundation.

General Grant Inquiry

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