Scholarship FAQ

Have Scholarship Questions? Here are some answers.

When is the deadline for the Scholarship Application?

The deadline for the Moody Scholarship Application is end of November.

When will I be notified that I am a Moody Scholar?

The Moody Scholarship Application has two phases:

  1. You will be notified in mid-December if you are a semi-finalist.
    • If you are selected as a semi-finalist, you will need to collect two (2) letters of recommendation and participate in a writing sample. Details on the writing sample will be sent out with the semi-finalist notification.
    • If you are not selected as a semi-finalist, you are no longer being considered as a Moody Scholarship recipient.
  1. After the writing sample has been conducted and you have turned in your letters of recommendation, your application will be reviewed again to determine Scholarship recipient status. Scholarship recipients are notified by end of March.
How will I be notified that I am a Moody Scholar?

You will be notified through the email you provide on your application. Please remember to provide an email that you check regularly.

How are Moody Scholars selected?

Moody Scholars are selected based on:

  • Class rank
  • GPA
  • SAT and/or ACT score
  • Financial need
  • 300-word writing sample
  • Two letters of recommendation
What are the prompts for the writing sample for the second phase of the Moody Application?

The prompts for the writing sample change every year. Semi-finalists will be given a list of five (5) different prompts to choose from and will have 90 minutes to hand write their response. This is a great opportunity for the selection committee to get a better idea about who you are.

What if I take my SAT/ACT after the deadline for the scholarship?

For the first phase of the scholarship application process, a standardized test score is not required. However, if you are selected as a semi-finalist, we will need a test score from you for further selection. Please plan on taking at least one SAT or ACT and having results by the end of February.

Please refer to these sites for SAT/ACT Test dates:

Upcoming SAT Dates

Upcoming ACT Dates