Scholarship Application & Eligibility

Open to Eligible students
Eligible students will be contacted by their senior counselor with details on how to apply. Eligibility requirements are detailed below.

2020 Scholarship Important Dates:



Scholarship Requirements

  • Student must be ranked in the top 25% of their graduating class from one of our seven eligible high schools
  • Approximately (75) students are awarded $4,000/year
  • Renewable for up to four years of undergraduate work
  • The use of funds is restricted to Texas colleges
  • Evidence of  financial need is required

Criteria for Selection Include:

  • Class rank
  • GPA
  • SAT score
  • Financial need
  • 300-word writing sample
  • Two letters of recommendation

Eligible High Schools:


  • Ball High School
  • O’Connell College Preparatory
  • Odyssey Academy


  • Lincoln High School
  • Madison High School


  • Lanier High School
  • Reagan High School