Moody Grant Recipient: People’s Community Clinic

Moody Grant Recipient: People’s Community Clinic

About People’s Community Clinic: How did you first get in touch with the Moody Foundation?

People’s Community Clinic and the Moody Foundation’s relationship is built on the shared desire to “educate, heal, nurture and inspire Texans.” In 2017, the Moody Foundation awarded People’s a grant to fund general operations. The following year, in 2018, the Moody Foundation’s support completed the clinic’s multi-year capital campaign.

What are you using the funds for? Why is that significant?

Moody Foundation’s most recent contribution was used to complete a multi-year capital campaign and support upkeep of our new facility. The expansion allowed us to significantly grow our patient base and offer comprehensive wrap-around programming.

One of our programs includes our Adult Health program, which is an area of high demand. Our Adult patients often come to People’s with complex medical issues and chronic diseases that are best dealt with by having a medical home. The patients under the care of our adult health providers are among the most challenging of all of the clinic’s patients. That’s why the Adult Medicine Department provides patients with a network of support to stay on top of their health and manage chronic conditions they may have. Each patient is assigned to a medical team that includes a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, nurse, a medical assistant, as well as social workers and health educators. Adult medicine at People’s encompasses medical assessment, treatment, and prevention services; annual exams; health and nutrition education; laboratory testing and medications; and social work services. When needed, patients may also access support from the Chronic Disease Management Program, Integrated Behavioral Health, Nutrition Department, or Patient Pharmaceutical Assistance Program.

How many medically underserved and uninsured Central Texans do you serve each year?

In 2018, People’s served 17,360 patients (a 10% increase over the prior year!). We are on track for our goal of serving 20,000 unique patients by end of 2020.

Can you share more about the most recent clinic in northeast Austin? How has that helped expand your services?

Two years have passed since People’s first moved into the clinic built at 1101 Camino La Costa, and things at People’s Community Clinic are hopping. Each day it’s exciting to walk into the new building and to see the multitude of services and programs that the clinic provides. People’s has added new initiatives and new partnerships to address the intersecting challenges our patients face. For example, the clinic has collaborated with area agencies to provide free eye exams and eyeglasses onsite, mobile food pantry services, nurturing parenting classes for parents of children 0-18 years, pregnancy and birthing circle classes, and free exercise and nutrition classes.

This summer we added much-needed dental care to our long list of services. Whether a patient needs cleanings, x-rays, fillings, prosthetics or root canal, our dental team is ready to serve.  This was made possible in part by the Moody Foundation’s investment in a healthier community!

How do you hope People’s Community Clinic and its programs will grow in the next several years?

Since its founding fifty years ago, People’s has remained dedicated to serving the growing community and evolved alongside it to ensure our services align with patient needs. As we look towards the next fifty years, we will continue enhancing our unique, holistic model of healthcare and expand services to provide high quality health care for more Central Texans.