Moody Foundation Announces Third Round of ‘Generation Moody’ Grants with $6,115,000 Investment

GALVESTON, Texas (July 31, 2018) – The Moody Foundation announced today its third round of Generation Moody education grants with a $6,115,000 commitment to three grant recipients, all focused on helping Galveston students access career-readiness programs. Since its launch earlier this year, Generation Moody has distributed grants totaling more than $27 million, creating more opportunities for Galveston youth, from cradle to career.

“Education is crucial in maintaining the vitality of the Galveston community. Across Texas and the country, cities are in competition to attract companies and residents,” said Ross R. Moody, trustee of the Moody Foundation and CEO of National Western Life Group. “Having an educated, career-ready workforce and high-quality schools and youth programs will help Galveston be a competitive city for decades to come.”

“Galveston is our home, and Galveston has given a lot to the Moody family,” said Frances Moody-Dahlberg, chairman and executive director of the Moody Foundation. “We’re honored to work with these great organizations in improving education right here on Galveston Island. Investing in students is an investment in Galveston’s future strength.”

Generation Moody grants support recipients focused on student achievement in areas such as literacy, science, technology and math. The previous round of Generation Moody grants primarily focused on professional development for social emotional learning and connecting high school students with higher education by funding dual credit course expenses with Galveston College.

The new round of grants will focus on expanding secondary programs, funding non-tuition expenses and offering enrichment classes for educators. Today’s grant recipients include:

  • Odyssey Academy for secondary programs expanding growth and curriculum innovation
  • Galveston College for non-tuition expenses funding equipment, testing fees and more
  • Comp-U-Dopt for computer educational classes offering students additional resources

“Generation Moody along with all our grant recipients share a cohesive vision and mission. We’re collectively working to improve education for Galveston Island students,” said Angela Blair, director of education for the Moody Foundation. “The Moody Foundation is excited to sponsor programs that support continuous academic success from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.”

About the Moody Foundation
The Moody Foundation was established by W.L. Moody, Jr. and Libbie Shearn Moody in 1942 to share their good fortune and make a difference in the lives of the people of Texas. Since then, the Moody Foundation has made more than $1.5 billion in grants throughout the state to organizations that have educated, healed, nurtured and inspired generations of Texans. Learn more at

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