Moody Foundation Celebrates Five Years of Generation Moody

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Moody Foundation Celebrates Five Years of Generation Moody

On Feb. 23, 2018, the Moody Foundation launched its Generation Moody Education Initiative. Five years later, Generation Moody has awarded more than $55 million to local organizations.

GALVESTON, Texas – Feb. 23, 2023 – On Feb. 23, 2018, the Moody Foundation launched its Generation Moody Education Initiative. Five years later, Generation Moody has awarded more than $55 million to provide exceptional educational opportunities for infants through high school and into post-secondary studies.

Generation Moody grants have addressed critical educational needs, such as reducing the digital divide, creating summer and after-school programming, preparing students for post-secondary education and careers and solving dyslexia challenges.

“In just five years, Generation Moody has made a profound impact on the Galveston educational landscape,” said Ross Moody, Moody Foundation Trustee. “We set out to invest in the next generation of students and build prosperity through access to quality education from cradle to career. This has not only transformed the lives of individual students but has also sparked a ripple effect in the community.”

Generation Moody Education Director Angela Blair has been steadfast in her commitment to advocating for grant recipients and advancing the Foundation’s goals. She has formed strong partnerships with several local organizations, including Galveston ISD (GISD), Odyssey Academy and SMART Family Literacy, to create programs that align with their shared missions.

“Our ultimate goal with the Generation Moody grants is to help further the missions of our grantees and complement the work they’re already doing in the community,” said Blair. “With each grant, we aim to drive lasting change on the lives of Galveston students by providing the tools and resources necessary for them to succeed and thrive.”

In partnership with GISD, Generation Moody provides financial assistance for after-school activities and dual-credit programs that enhance the entire district’s curriculum and contribute to a well-rounded education.

“The Generation Moody grants continue to play a key role in bringing each of our students up to grade level and improving their educational outcomes,” said Anthony Brown, GISD Board of Trustees President. “The grant funding supports everything from after-school programs to social and emotional learning to Chromebooks and laptops and more! Words can’t express how grateful we are for these grants and the important role they’ve played in our schools.”

Over the last five years, Generation Moody grants led to these achievements at GISD’s Ball High School:

-2,312 students graduated
-12,915 business or industry certifications were earned
-1,045 of the 2,312 graduates achieved the high expectation of College, Career, Military Readiness

In 2018, the Moody Foundation awarded the Galveston College Foundation $3 million in grants toward the Universal Access Plus grants. Over five years:

-101 students graduated with their associate degree
-107 students transferred to a four-year or other university/college
-207 students became first-generation college graduates

As early Generation Moody grant recipients, Odyssey Academy and SMART Family Literacy have seen monumental results from their students and other partners.

“Odyssey Academy is immensely grateful for the Moody Foundation,” said Dr. Jennifer Goodman, Odyssey Academy Superintendent. “The graduates they helped have achieved tremendous success and continue to progress significantly each year. The Moody Foundation is making a huge difference in the lives of Galveston’s young people!”

“The Generation Moody grant truly transformed us,” said Elizabeth Turner, SMART Family Literacy Executive Director and Founder. “For the first time, we were able to have purposeful, detailed conversations with our educators and partners focused on student achievement. We finally truly felt like a team, collaborating together to improve things for children.”

With its deep roots in Galveston, the Moody Foundation is motivated to build a strong foundation in education for current and future students. Over the next five years and beyond, Generation Moody and the Foundation will continue to drive meaningful change through collaboration and strategic planning with its community.


About the Moody Foundation

The Moody Foundation was established by W.L. Moody, Jr. and Libbie Shearn Moody in 1942 to share their good fortune and make a difference in the lives of the people of Texas. Since then, the Foundation has pledged and awarded more than $2 billion in grants throughout the state – with over $1.1 billion in Galveston giving – to organizations that have educated, healed, nurtured and inspired generations of Texans. The Moody Foundation continues with a board of three trustees: Frances Moody-Dahlberg, Ross Moody and Elizabeth Moody. Learn more at and follow the Foundation on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

About the Generation Moody Education Initiative

Generation Moody Education Initiative, a signature project benefiting Galveston Island by providing a catalyst for exceptional education opportunities for infants through high school and into post-secondary learning, incorporates organizations from across the education community in Galveston. The initiative focuses on a few key areas: literacy, science, technology and math, as well as professional development for educators. Its most recent grants focus on professional development for social emotional learning and connecting high school students with higher education by funding some dual credit course expenses with Galveston College. Since its launch in 2018, Generation Moody has distributed grants totaling more than $55 million, creating more opportunities for Galveston youth, from cradle to career.


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