Moody Grant Recipient: Saint Louise House


Moody Grant Recipient: Saint Louise House

The mission of Saint Louise House is to empower women and their children to overcome homelessness for generations to come. We envision a community where women and children move from homelessness to healthy, independent lives.
By: Maria Kiehn, Community Engagement and Grants, Saint Louise House     | October 31, 2019

Tell us about the relationship between Saint Louise House and the Moody Foundation.

Saint Louise House received a very generous grant from the Moody Foundation in 2017 in support of the newly-established Children’s Success Initiative to strengthen our two-generational approach to serving families. Saint Louise House has always provided two generations, mothers and children, the stable housing and support they need to stay together and develop self-sufficiency.

Can you share more about the Children’s Success Initiative?

The Children’s Success Initiative embraces a more deliberate approach to serving the social and emotional needs of children living at Saint Louise House. The project increased support for children both directly and through increased parenting support to mothers, bringing a true two-generational approach to ending cycles of homelessness and poverty.

What are you using the funds for? Why is that significant?

Funds were used to support increased activities supporting social and emotional development in children of all ages and parenting skills in mothers.

These investments were significant because research has shown that the impact of homelessness on children extends beyond the period of homelessness itself. Direct support for children and for their parents can support child adjustment after homelessness. The Moody Foundation grant made it possible for us to increase the direct support we provide to children and their mothers.

How many children and families do you serve each year?

Saint Louise House currently serves approximately 45 families with almost 100 children each year.

How do you hope Saint Louise House and its programs will grow in the next several years?

Saint Louise House hopes to continue growing – both in the number of families we serve and the services we provide. We hope to expand to serving 46 families at a time within the next few years while also developing a plan for further expansion. We also hope to increase the onsite, direct support that we provide for children in the form of tutoring and mentoring programs.